Baltimore Book of Prayers

Baltimore Book of Prayers

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If the greatest legacy of the Council of Baltimore in 1884 was the Baltimore Catechism, a close second was this definitive book of prayers. Issued in 1889 to fulfill that council’s call for an authoritative and comprehensive compilation of traditional prayers and devotions in English, this magnificent 832-page collection became the constant companion of laity and clergy and a devotional mainstay of Catholic families for generations.

This manual is a window into Catholic piety and worship as practiced in the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries. It remains the gold standard for other traditional books of prayer and an invaluable treasure trove of the rich heritage of our Faith. In these timeless pages, you will discover:

•    A full liturgical calendar
•    Tables of feasts and fasts
•    Brief summaries of Christian doctrine and practice
•    A Latin-English Sunday Missal
•    Prayers for the Church, families, and individuals
•    Breviary prayers and chants
•    Prayers for Eucharistic Adoration
•    Devotions to our Lord, the Blessed Virgin Mary, and the saints
•    Prayers for the sick, the suffering, the dying, and the deceased
•    Sacred hymns and sequences for feasts throughout the year

Moreover, you will find thorough instructions for devoutly hearing Mass; preparing for, receiving, and making a fruitful thanksgiving after Holy Communion; and examining your conscience, making a good Confession, and growing in virtue. General instructions on receiving the sacraments are also included, along with the rites for all of the sacraments (except Holy Orders), as well as general and seasonal blessings.

In addition, many liturgical prayers are featured in Latin as well as in English, along with a detailed index for easy referencing. This rare gem of a book will help you and your loved ones drink deeply of the Faith of our Fathers and cherish it for years to come.




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