Hypotheses about Jesus

Hypotheses about Jesus

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This famous classic, which sold more than one million copies in Italy alone when originally published, shows how reason, history, and experience confirm the truth of the Gospel. It will take you on a quest to uncover the obscure Jesus of history, challenge you to think about Christianity as a historical religion, and offer you a multitude of reasons to believe in the Christian faith. These pages — written by Vittorio Messori, a secular journalist who converted in adulthood from agnosticism — in fact rely purely on the evidence of facts and history.

Raised in an atmosphere of rationalism, Messori shares the deeply personal and transformative experience he had one summer when facing life’s ultimate questions. His view on politics, society, and religion changed forever when he encountered the Jesus of the Gospels. This moved him to conduct a historical examination of the roots of Christianity and evaluate the truth of the Gospel, always in the light of faith and reason. This is what you are about to read.

Messori adopts a compelling journalistic approach, drawing from Blaise Pascal and an array of philosophers, historians, and theologians. As he breaks open the Gospels, you will perceive his shift from doubt and indifference to fascinating discovery and wonder. You will also learn:

  • Ways in which science and archaeology point to belief in God 
  • How Christ’s teachings provide universal insights on human nature and behavior
  • Logical arguments that debunk the views of mythologizers and critics
  • Three possible solutions for “the problem of Jesus”
  • Authentic answers to those skeptical of Jesus’ Messianic origins
  • How kerygma points to the proclamation of Christ even before the Gospels were written

Messori also examines how Marxist ideology and Enlightenment philosophy stand up under the lens of historical scrutiny. He further discusses the roles of the apostles and women in the Gospels, along with eyewitness accounts. You will learn about the impact of Christianity on culture, how Christianity differs from other religions, and symbolism in Christian belief. 

Throughout this journey, you will observe how the message of Christ endures through time. Above all, you will see how the Gospels teach true equality and how our Lord offers the liberty that we all seek as He revolutionizes the world with His ever-present love.



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