Liturgical Living Dress Socks

Liturgical Living Dress Socks

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We like colorful and fun dress socks around here (obviously). But sometimes we understand people find themselves invited to a black sock event that requires something a little more... ultra nuanced… subtle… classic… approachable. 

Don’t worry, we’ve got your feet covered in an ExtraOrdinary way!

Black dress socks with Catholic meaning. Each color on the heel and toe represents a different Liturgical Season. Pick a 5-pack of one color or our Liturgical Living Pack with one of each color to sport in each season.

Ordinary Socks - For Ordinary Time (green)
Waiting Socks - For Advent & Lent (purple)
Celebration Socks - For Solemnities, Feast Days, Christmas, & Easter (yellow gold)
Sacrificial Socks - For Martyrs & Triduum (red)
Rose (not pink) Socks - For Gaudete & Laetare Sundays (rose)

Sock Size
 US Men's Shoe Size US Women's Shoe Size
5-11 7-12