Praying Like the Early Church: Seven Insights from the Church Fathers to Help You Connect with God

Praying Like the Early Church: Seven Insights from the Church Fathers to Help You Connect with God

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There are many misconceptions about prayer, ranging from what it is to how and why we pray. Dr. James Papandrea breaks open the wisdom of early Christians to transform and enrich your spiritual life and help you develop a daily rhythm for fruitful conversation with God. Here is the spiritual game plan you need to assist you in opening your heart to the Father’s invitation, receiving His love, living virtuously in practical ways, and entering into deeper communion with Him.

Through the lives of early Church Fathers and Mothers, Dr. Papandrea emphasizes the centrality of the Mass and the Real Presence of Jesus in the Holy Eucharist in our lives of prayer, providing methods to help you benefit more at Mass and in daily life, and ways to grow in gratitude and devotion. You will learn how the sacraments were practiced in the early Church and their power in flooding us with God’s graces today. Additionally, you will see why communal worship is vital and the role of pilgrimage in Christian life.  

In these life-changing pages, you will find:

•    Why the Eucharist was the most important prayer from the Church’s inception 
•    How Our Lady shows us what prayer really is and ways we can imitate her 
•    Three meta-virtues in prayer and five characteristics of righteousness 
•    How to pray without ceasing and develop “prayer attitudes” 
•    Three tips on surrendering yourself to God’s will 
•    Three things that block God’s grace (Brace yourself!)

Dr. Papandrea also reveals the biblical roots of making the Sign of the Cross and what the early Christians taught about the layers of meaning in the Our Father. Moreover, he documents what early Christians believed regarding reading the Bible, praying for the dead, the role of the saints, repetition in prayer, fasting, and almsgiving. 

Included at the end of each chapter are sections on how to pray like an early Christian and resources on how “to go deeper.” An invaluable prayer plan, prayers from early Christians, and other helpful resources are also featured.

“The teachings of the Fathers are permanently relevant. James Papandrea makes that clear in this profound and practical book. Drawing eight key insights from the ancient Church, he guides readers through Christianity’s classic spirituality. This is something more than lessons to study. It’s spiritual direction for life ahead.” — Michael Aquilina, Author, The Fathers of the Church, and EWTN Host




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