The Mother Cabrini Companion: A Spiritual Journey with a Courageous Woman of God

The Mother Cabrini Companion: A Spiritual Journey with a Courageous Woman of God

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By Kristen Theriault

Discover the profound teachings of Mother Francesca Cabrini, also recognized as St. Frances Xavier Cabrini, the prolific humanitarian and the first American saint, in The Cabrini Companion, a weekly devotional. 

Angel Studios is proud to bring her story to life in the major motion picture, Cabrini, along with this devotional to inspire all to follow in Mother Cabrini’s footsteps toward a life of deep love and unstoppable faith. 

Immerse yourself in her inspired writings, which resonate with a zeal for souls that led her across oceans and continents to touch lives and spread the word of God.  

Drawn from her letters from her international travels and her extensive spiritual retreat notes, these entries speak directly to souls seeking conviction and courage. Experience the beauty of Mother Cabrini’s inner world as she shares practical advice for spiritual development interspersed with poetic descriptions of creation, the sacraments, the virtues, and the joys of Heaven. 

Her unique perspective infuses our fallen world with an otherworldly serenity, offering solace and inspiration to souls troubled by life’s challenges. A perfect enhancement to the blockbuster film, this devotional allows you to delve into the heart of Mother Cabrini’s spirituality and connect deeply with her teachings and insights.  

Enhance your spiritual journey with the enduring wisdom of Mother Cabrini. Let her words guide you toward a life grounded in faith, trust, and the boundless love of God.



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