Candy Hearts Socks - Kids

Candy Hearts Socks - Kids

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"This pew taken?" "I'm your Fiat!" "1+1+1=1"

This Valentine's day, fall in love with a new take on those classic candy hearts we all know so well! Whether you're saying "UR HOLY" to your local priest or letting everyone you pass on the street know "I'M JC'S",???????????¡there is a holy candy heart for any occasion. Don't just tell them you love them this year, tell them God loves them too! XOXO

Explanation of the messages:

ALPHA & OMEGA: God is the beginning and end

I????????M UR FIAT: Saying yes to God????????s will is always in style

TOTUS TUUS: Latin phrase made popular by St. John Paul II to the Blessed Mother, ????I am completely yours????????

TOB: Theology of the Body-an important work promulgated by St John Paul the Great showing the importance and depth of earthly love as a reflection of God????????s love

PRAY FOR ME: A reminder of the importance of intercessory prayer

CHASTE: Chastity in your state of life keeps your heart focused on God

I ??????????????í JC: Jesus sure loves you, return the love to Him!

UR A ST:???????????¡ Striving for sainthood is much more fun with friends along the way!

I????????M JC????????S: Jesus gave everything for us, a reminder that we are ultimately restless until we find him

PEW TKN: That age-old Catholic pick-up line when you see your crush at Mass

1+1+1=1: In marriage, two individuals with God????????s grace become one-St Valentine spent much of his life in the defense of marriage

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Kids 12-1.5
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