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Until now, there were only two choices in Bibles for children: one created for adults and one that was simply a collection of stories written for children. Introducing The Catholic Children’s Bible from Saint Mary’s Press! It’s the first-ever complete children’s Bible that not only inspires, but empowers children to read, live, understand, and love the Word of God. The stories of our Catholic faith come alive with vivid, awe-inspiring artwork, larger text, and many more design features that not only enhance comprehension but create enjoyment as well. •Children will know and understand God’s saving plan revealed through 125 featured story spreads highlighting key Bible passages. •Vibrant illustrations and borders immediately engage children and allow them to dive in to Scripture and become immersed in the stories. •Understand It!, Live It!, and Tell It! sections help bring God’s Word to life for the youngest of readers. •Unique navigational features designed specifically for early readers help children easily locate passages and stories. •Intentional design elements such as fonts built for early readers, increased line spacing, bold vocabulary words, colorized text, minimal hyphenation, and simple column dividers help make this a Bible children can read on their own.