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From the author of the internationally bestselling Francis: The Journey and the Dream (over 80,000 copies in print in English and translations in 7 additional language), comes an invitation to the birthplace of Francis and Clare. Take this spiritual pilgrimage to Assisi with Fr. Murray Bodo. Enter Assisi takes you on a journey through the gates of the city, where you will discover in your own life the way to follow Jesus as St. Francis did. The walls of the medieval town surround a place where your imagination can explore spiirtual holy ground. Picture the daring midnight journey of St. Clare through the streets to the Moiano gate and down to St. Mary of the Angels, where Francis and his brothers welcomed her into a new way of life. Spend time in the caves of the Carceri, reflecting on the gift of solitude. Meet twentieth-century residents of Assisi who have absorbed the Franciscan spirit and seek to impart it to others. Fr. Murray Bodo draws on over three decades of leading pilgrimages in Assisi to bring the home of St. Francis to life in the words of a poet and spiritual director.