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Fr. Leo blends profound truths with humor and wit in a way that appeals to a wide cross-section of Catholics. In this new book, Fr. Leo goes beyond an explanation of how eating together builds stronger families to probe more deeply into the theological aspects of food.

Following the example of Jesus Christ, whose miracles and teachings often involved food, Fr. Leo explains salvation history by what he calls a ????theology of food?????¬???????there is a godly logic to every bite we take. He shows how the devil seeks to poison God????????s children from within, getting them to ????digest?????¬ his lies by taking what is harmful and making it look beautiful and edible. This cosmic struggle between good and evil can be seen as an ????eternal food fight?????¬ between God and the devil.

With Fr. Leo, theology???????as well as the subject of food???????is never boring. In simple, practical ways, you are invited to read, savor, chew on, and digest theological concepts you might never have understood before.