From Ashes to Glory

From Ashes to Glory

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A Prayer Book for Lent & Easter.  

The prayer we begin on Ash Wednesday continues throughout the Lenten season. We ask God to prepare us to follow the way of his Son, through his Passion and Death, into the glory of the Resurrection. Dan Schutte's inspiring new prayer book allows us to reflect on Christ's journey and reminds us that it is Christ's redeeming love that raises us up from the dust and ashes of death into glory.

The prayer exercises in the book are designed to help readers enter in the prayer of Lent and Easter. Each prayer is accompanied by a song that draws listeners deeper into the heart of the mystery. Designed to help us renew our faith and deepen our commitment to Christ, this is the perfect resource to guide us through the spiritual practices of Lent into the heart of our faith—Christ's victory over sin and death.

Along with a companion CD of Dan's music, each of the 19 prayers in From Ashes to Glory contains:

  • an engaging photograph
  • an inspiring reflection
  • a prayer
  • a Scripture passage
  • lyrics for the song
  • a self-reflection
  • a keystone (a simple phrase to carry with you in your daily activities)