Mini Saint Teresa of Calcutta Plush Doll

Mini Saint Teresa of Calcutta Plush Doll

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Meet St. Teresa of Calcutta!
St. Teresa of Calcutta (September 5th)
Patron of: World Youth Day, the Missionaries of Charity
"God doesn't require us to succeed, he only requires that you try." -St. Teresa of Calcutta

St. Teresa of Calcutta, lovingly known during her life as Mother Teresa, inspired the world by caring for the unwanted and unloved people of the world. Her example of selfless love inspired millions to reach out to the poor around them- let her life inspire those you love to remember that no matter our place in this world, we are all God's precious children.

Our beautiful St. Teresa of Calcutta doll is dressed in the traditional white and blue habit of the Missionaries of Charity, the order she founded.
Handcrafted from the softest plush we could find, this St. Teresa of Calcutta plush is sure to become your little one's favorite companion!
Gorgeous embroidery details and custom fabrics make this piece even more of a treasure.
St. Teresa of Calcutta comes tagged with feast day and patronage information, ready for gifting (if you can manage to let her go!)
These precious 5 inch dolls are exact replicas of their larger 10 inch originals- complete with all embroidery and custom fabric details.
Plush material is surface washable.
Each doll made lovingly by hand. Due to the handmade nature of this doll some slight variation may occur.
safe + non-toxic: US + Canadian safety standard certified