Pope Francis Rebuking the Devil

Pope Francis Rebuking the Devil

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Learn how to rebuke the devil and avoid his snares with this new book from Pope Francis's teachings. In this powerful collection of excerpts, the Pope lays bare the devil's ploys and tactics, to help you avoid getting ensnared.

Listen with care, as the Pope tells the story of the devil's history, character, and works, and consider the Pope's suggestions about what you can do to see victory over the devil. Rebuking the Devil will be an important and sobering awakening to those who have forgotten the reality of the spiritual battle that humanity is undergoing. And to those already fighting hard in spiritual battle, they will find great reassurance in the pope's certainty that we can overcome through Spirit-filled discernment and the power of God in Christ Jesus. Through the course of this book, you'll learn from Pope Francis about the practical tools of spiritual battle.

This book is vital. Those from youth, to adult, to the wisdom of age will appreciate the Pope's guidance on dealing with our perennial foe. This collection of quotes from Pope Francis will be readily used by students, parents, educators, faith formation groups, faith-sharing groups, priests and deacons preparing for homilies, and all Christians seeking to rebuke the devil. This book of Pope Francis's words about rebuking the devil has been compiled from the Pope's homilies and meditations, his interviews and addresses, audiences and apostolic exhortations. The book draws on these various sources and presents a survey of Pope Francis's teachings on rebuking the devil.

Pick up this easy-to-read, digestible collection of Pope Francis's meditations on accessing God's power over the devil, as your next weekend read!

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