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He had a heart bigger than the world, declared Pope Gregory XIII. Although Ignatius founded the Society of Jesus, schools and universities, and institutions to serve people in need, his contemporaries most remember his great heart. Even after five centuries, his spirituality remains a rock of strength and wisdom. His spiritual exercises continue to guide women and men to commitment to Jesus, and his story exemplifies unabashed love of God. Ignatius challenges us to do all things for the greater glory of God.
Part of the Companions for the Journey Series of twenty-two favorite saints and spiritual guides, ready to accompany readers on their faith journey! Ten to fifteen themes that guided the life of an honored saint or spiritual guide are presented in each title of this series, showing how the subject of each book lived those themes, while making connections to our current time so that readers can apply the principles to their own lives.
Every title features selections of the saint or spiritual guide's writings, commentaries that provide historical context and root the saint or spiritual guide's wisdom in Scripture, and suggested prayer exercises in each chapter. The Word Among Us Press is especially pleased to present these favorites in the Companions for the Journey Series, which for fifteen years has been read by many thousands of Catholics.