St. Peregrine Socks

St. Peregrine Socks

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We created this design to honor a saint whose adult life was focused on deep internal prayer. He let God into his suffering and fear of a strange and scary diagnosis.???????????¡???????????¡The night before???????????¡a???????????¡surgery to amputate his leg, he prayed for God????????s will to be done. Deep in???????????¡prayer, he dreamt that Jesus came off of the cross to heal his leg with only a touch. He was jolted awake and noticed that his leg was completely healed.???????????¡

We know too well how closely his name is held in the hearts of so many. He is called ????Wonder Worker???????? and is an incredible intercessor for those who have heard the word cancer spoken from their doctor. We honor those fighting right now, those in treatment and those who will face the unknown in the future. We celebrate the physical, emotional, and spiritual healing that has been found through St. Peregrine????????s intercession.

St. Peregrine, Pray for Us!

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