Stations of the Cross St. John Henry Cardinal Newman

Stations of the Cross St. John Henry Cardinal Newman

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Though often thought of as a towering intellect and theologian, Saint John Henry Newman’s writings reveal a man who possessed a simple devotion to Jesus and Mary. These powerful meditations on the Stations of the Cross, originally written for his parishioners in the Birmingham Oratory, can aid us with their simple and singular focus on Christ’s Passion and our own failings that contributed to it.

Groups of prayers bookend the fourteen meditations, which, though short enough to be read in a matter of minutes, can open up the mystery of Christ’s Passion and deepen the meaning of our Lenten journey.

Canonized in 2019, Saint John Henry Cardinal Newman has become a jewel in the crown of the Church. The wisdom found in his writings rivals the Church Doctors' and is a blessing to our contemporary world so bereft of Christ’s presence. Here, Cardinal Newman takes our hand and leads us up the suffering path of Calvary, where the Crucified One awaits.