The Handy Little Guide to Lent

The Handy Little Guide to Lent

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Lent, on the surface, is weird. Ashes. Somber music. Fasting and abstinence. What’s going on, anyway?

Here’s your easy-to-read, down-to-earth introduction to what this liturgical season is all about. You’ll discover, or rediscover, how to make each Lent a time of deep personal spiritual growth.

In this brief booklet, author Michelle Schroeder helps you get to the heart of the Lenten season. You’ll learn:

      • How to approach prayer, fasting, and almsgiving
      • How this time of sacrifice ultimately leads to eternal happiness
      • The deeper meaning of the changes during this liturgical season
      • Why Lent is about more than restarting your New Year’s diet
      • How the whole Lenten experience gets us ready for Easter

Lent is the forty-day journey through the ultimate expression of self-sacrifice that our Savior endured for us. If this season doesn’t create some lasting change in us, we’ve done it wrong.

Whether you’re giving up chocolate (again) or just trying to figure out meatless Fridays, if you want to get the most out of each and every Lent, The Handy Little Guide to Lent is for you.