The Roots of a Christian Civilization: First Principles of a Just and Ordered Society

The Roots of a Christian Civilization: First Principles of a Just and Ordered Society

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Abortion, euthanasia, gay marriage, and socialized medicine are all rampant today, and more and more receive the blessing of the civil law ??ç?? even in countries traditionally considered to be Catholic. In these incisive pages, Fr. Brian Mullady, O.P., answers the question: Should law implement morality or not? He provides you with a compendium of accessible answers to a range of questions on spiritual and moral theology.

In part 1, you will come to understand the nature of society and principles of the social order as they apply to the three basic human societies: the family, the state, and the Church. Additionally, you will find the basis for the Church??ç?ûs teachings and how they relate to real-life scenarios.

In part 2, you will see the Catholic vision of how the most basic human societies ??ç?? the family and the state ??ç?? must pursue their goals. Drawing from Scripture and Tradition, early philosophers and the saints, Fr. Mullady reveals the one good that is at the root of all social order. He also breaks open:

The twofold aspect of human nature and the three levels of action
Four ways in which people should rule in a society, according to St. Thomas Aquinas
Ten principles for the Christian idea of social order
The real meaning of social participation (Do you know it?)
The proper relationship between authority and conscience ??ç?? both in the Church and in civil society
The five rights and duties that the Church teaches in the economic order
Fr. Mullady further explains the dangers of both liberal capitalism and Marxism. You will also learn about the uniqueness of the individual because of the spiritual soul and how society must be governed by virtues such as prudence, justice, and charity. Above all, you will find out how to live your life in Christ, regardless of your vocation, to attain personal fulfillment.