The Secret of the Cure D??ç?ûArs

The Secret of the Cure D??ç?ûArs

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The life of St. John Vianney (1784??ç??1859) was marked by boundless humility and obedience to God. In 1818, when this simple French priest was assigned to the parish of Ars ??ç?? a town of just 250 people ??ç?? few would have guessed that it would lead to his international notoriety (even without modern communications!). You will see how this happened ??ç?? how Vianney??ç?ûs tireless work in his parish quickly flowered into a radical spiritual transformation of the community and its surroundings.

Acclaimed dramatist Henri Gh??on presents a model of great holiness whom all readers can appreciate. Vianney ??úcured souls and bodies,??Ñ he writes. ??úHe read hearts like a book. And the Blessed Virgin visited him, and the foul fiend dragged him by the heels but could not prevent him from being a saint.??Ñ

The Cur?? is not only the patron of parish priests but is also a powerful intercessor for those struggling with studies or suffering from inner turmoil or exhaustion. By 1827, he was receiving visitors from all over France and beyond, sometimes spending up to sixteen hours a day in the confessional. Despite his success in Ars, Vianney longed for a contemplative life free from his public obligations. He tried pursuing this on several occasions but fled from it each time, always returning to Ars.

You will see how the devil frequently harassed and attacked the Cur??, which Gh??on recounts in shocking detail. You will marvel as you learn about:

Vianney??ç?ûs daring witness to the Faith and near-death escapes as a young man in France
Nine ways the Cur?? drew his flock back to church (See if you can guess!)
How he dispersed sinful revelries and countered debauchery (You will be shocked!)
Ways to tackle temptations and the snares of the enemy in your spiritual life
Four miracles of provision when the children at his orphanage were without food
Spiritual wonders worked through the Cur?? in his role as confessor
Vianney did not mince words in his homilies but reminded the faithful of the need to repent. Direct passages from some of his most impassioned sermons are interspersed throughout this work. When he died, the bishop presided over the Cur????ç?ûs funeral with more than three hundred priests and six thousand people in attendance!