The World, the Flesh, and Fr. Smith

The World, the Flesh, and Fr. Smith

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To ride along in the mind and heart of Father Smith is to experience the toil, frustration, humiliation, mercy, love, fear, and patience that brings this tender and unassuming priest to such contemplation. You will be mesmerized by this brilliant, deeply moving account of the life of a Scottish Catholic priest in the first half of the twentieth century.

This classic novel is a small-town epic that is as humorous as it is introspective. Father Smith??ç?ûs down-to-earth nature and thoughts help reveal truths about the reality of sin, suffering, and the spiritual struggle we face. His priesthood, marked by relentless changes through the earthly passage of time, is embraced by the constancy of human frailty and God??ç?ûs mercy.

Renowned author Bruce Marshall combines the action of a screenplay with the descriptive talents of a novelist and offers an insightful picture of the challenges, comforts, and singular delights of the faith life. Through rich, vivid characterization and crisp, compelling dialogue, your mind will be enlightened, your heart renewed, and your spirit fed.

Father Smith??ç?ûs thinking ??ç?? sometimes sacred and clever, other times acerbic or hilarious ??ç?? always touches upon the divine and the human. It will revive your:

Faith in the one thing that will always be true
Hope in the triumph of the human spirit amid suffering
Love for the treasures of our spiritual heritage
Courage in the face of uncertain times
Trust in childlike wisdom
You will journey with Father Smith to the poorest of neighborhoods and be fascinated by his conversations with sailors and other working people. Father??ç?ûs gift at ??úbecoming all things to all men??Ñ to win souls for Christ will inspire you to share God??ç?ûs love with everyone you encounter. As he tirelessly brings the grace of the sacraments and comfort to the downtrodden or those near death, you will appreciate the many sacrifices of his priestly heart, which reflect the kindness of the Good Shepherd.

??úFather Smith is the epitome of what a good priest should be,??Ñ one reviewer enthused. ??úThis is a witty, spiritual, absolutely wonderful story of a dedicated priest who lives his vocation to the fullest.??Ñ