What Lies Beyond

What Lies Beyond

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Death and judgment. Heaven and hell. They????????re called the Last Things, but they should be the first things on our mind, for one way or another they represent the destiny of every human being. Yet our thoughts about them are often muddled by pop-culture sentimentality.

And then there????????s that mysterious place???????or state???????that comes in between. Catholics call it?????¡purgatory, but most other Christians call it ????unbiblical nonsense.?????¬ And even many Catholics find themselves hard-pressed to explain it.

In this three-disc audio set?????¡What Lies Beyond,?????¡Karlo Broussard turns to the Bible, traditional Church teaching, and common-sense philosophy to shed light on life beyond this world.

  • Purgatory?????¡cuts through the confusion to show that this doctrine is both scriptural and a logical component of God????????s great mercy.?????¡
  • Hell?????¡looks at revealed truths about this state of definitive exclusion from God????????s presence. What are its pains like? Do we have to believe that anyone is actually?????¡in?????¡hell? How could a loving God send anyone there?
  • Heaven?????¡opens a tiny window into the joys that await the blessed with God. Although ????eye has not seen?????¬ the fullness of what he has prepared, there is much we can know about it???????enough to recommit ourselves, today, to getting there above all things.