Writing to God: Kids' Edition

Writing to God: Kids' Edition

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Writing to God ??????? Kid????????s???????? Edition?????¡offers guidance to kids that parents can also appreciate: It invites them to speak to God creatively through their pens (or pencils, or crayons).

In 35 days, kids are invited to pray to God using their senses, reflecting on their feelings, in light of Bible verses, looking at nature, to understand the ordinary events of life, to use new words and pictures for God, and as a way to say ????thank you.?????¬

????Hackenberg????????s book gives children permission to experience prayer as daily conversation with God. The freshness and honesty of her own prayers and her helpful prompts invite them to find and value their own words as offerings to a God who wants to be in relationship with them.?????¬ ???????Anabel Proffitt, Associate Professor of Educational Ministries, Lancaster Theological Seminary